Ngara Primary School Project

In the very poor north of Malawi, in the village of Ngara, you can find the Ngara F. Primary School. It’s owner is the village, which as such is responsible for the provision of all facilities. Governmental contribution is less than € 1 per child per year, which is, of course, by far not enough to offer the children a good basic education. And yet a solid foundation is necessary to be able to develop oneself and to become independent. Together with the people in the village we are working on change.

For us it is of crucial importance to do this together with the local population: only that will provide the community as a whole strength, a sense of togetherness and pride. In addition, it will give the locals a chance to show themselves and each other that they have a sincere willingness to make this project successful and that they really want to contribute to giving their children a good future.

You understand that we, of course, need a lot of money to make this project successful, and what is more: you can help us with that. It doesn’t matter whether you can contribute much or little: every contribution is welcome! Below you will find different ways in which you can support the project. Let’s make it into a great success together!

Wilt u over een langere periode ons project ondersteunen? Wordt dan lid van de Ngara Businessclub.

Een heel schoolgebouw of een set schoolboeken voor één kind. Kijk welke mogelijkheid het best bij u past.

Natuurlijk is het ook mogelijk om eenmalig een bedrag te doneren. Dat kan heel eenvoudig via iDEAL.

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