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Participating in ‘Project Support’ means that you pay for the costs of a particular ‘item’ as part of the project as a whole. You can choose from the following options below.

Wordt sponsor van een onderdeel

Wilt u een klaslokaal sponsoren? Of een toiletgebouw voor 8 toiletten? Of wilt u een kind helpen aan 6 schoolboeken.

Iedere bijdrage is natuurlijk van harte welkom én nodig.

De te sponsoren objecten zijn:

Sponsor option for a building with 2 classrooms. Total costst: €11.000
Sponsor option for a toiletgebouw for 8 toilets. Total costs: €4.000
Sponsor option for 1 classroom. Total costs € 5000.
Sponsor option for a teachers house. Total costs € 8.000
Sponsor option for a office / library. Total costs € 11.000
Sponsor option 6 textbooks for 1 child. Total costs  €15

Do you want to start your own Fundraising?

Of course it is possible to organize an action yourself to raise money. For example for your birthday, as a CSR activity at work, as a school project, with a group of friends, etc. Complete the contact form below with your plan and we will contact you.

One-only Donation

Of course it is also possible to donate an amount of money only once.

You can do this easy via iDEAL, Paypal or by creditcard.

Become member of the ‘Ngara Business Club’

Pictogram van de Business Club voor de Ngara Primary School

Any form of support is welcome, although it works best for us if we know in advance how much we can dispose of for the project.

That is the reason why we established the ‘Ngara Business Club’. When you become a member of the club, you commit yourself to the project for a minimum of five years. Membership will cost at least € 1,000 a year.

Once a year the participants of the ‘Ngara Business Club’ are invited for a fun event, during which they are also briefed by André and Paulien about the progress of the project.

More information

If you would like to have more information about the ‘Ngara Business Club’, please contact one of our board members.

You can also use the form below.

After having received your form, we will contact you as soon as possible.


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